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Our Mission Statement

To act as an agent of change, 

encourage growth and meaningful life choices while assisting individuals in finding home, health, friends, family, work and presence in their community.


Experience and Professionalism

 PJW Nursing Consultants, LLC specializes in supporting agencies that assist people with Intellectual Disabilities.
PJW Nursing Consultants, LLC employs highly skilled, specially trained Registered Nurses who are available to agencies with residential or vocational programs for persons with Developmental Disabilities. Agencies who contract with PJW Nursing Consultants, LLC not only work with qualified, highly trained professionals, but also receive the peace of mind that comes with hiring a reputable and  reliable organization.

An affiliation with PJW Nursing Consultants, LLC is a sound insurance policy which guarantees state licensing compliance and renewal while ensuring the quality of services. Our nurses are experienced with state licensing laws and will fulfill requirements 100%.
We also provide essential elements needed to comply with state regulations governing Residential, Day Programs and CCH facilities including:

  •     A Nursing Delegation Policy per DDS and DCF-CT
  •     Medication Administration Policy per DDS and DCF-CT
  •     Sanction Procedures per Medication Policy DDS and DCF-CT
  •     Training Protocols per DDS and DCF-CT
  •     Medication Kardex Systems & much more per DDS and DCF-CT

These complex materials are available to all contracting agencies as they are public domain and available to you free of charge
We also have qualified approved DDS vendors for Healthcare Coordination.
PJW Nursing Consultants, LLC is committed to providing ongoing staff training and supervision.  


Our Basic Services

  • Nursing Case Management
  • Healthcare Coordination
  • Medication Administration Oversight per DDS and DCF Regulations
  • Delegation training and New Employee Orientation
  • Intensive Quality Assurance Program to ensure medical/nursing licensed readiness



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