Ric Wilkinson PhD-C.,RN-BC, CARN Owner and President

Ric, has been a Registered Nurse for 34 years and has worked in the fields of Intellectual Disabilities, Behavioral Health, and Addictions. Ric managed a large Intellectual Disabilities Nursing Service in the state of Connecticut for 5 years. He holds an abd Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology and is certified in Psychiatric Mental Health and Addictions Nursing. 

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Our company is comprised of Registered Nurses and others who specialize in the treatment and care of individuals with Developmental Disabilities and/or Mental Illness. Our staff have years of experience working in agencies that support such individuals.

Nurse Consultants and Others on Staff

  • Hannah Riad MBA - Director of Business Operations 
  • Sam Wilkinson BA- Human Resources Coordinator
  • Glen Willer  BA -Services Coordinator       
  • Sandy Lauria BSN,MSN, RN-  Coordinator of Education and Quality Assurance
  • Michelle Pych BA Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • C.J. Tuthill, BSN, RN
  • Melody Davis BSN, RN
  • Kristen Petrosky BSN, RN
  • Maria Stefanczyk BA, MA, RN
  • JoAnne McKeon BSN, RN
  • Dorian Baruch BA, RN
  • Jody Jackson-French MSN, RN
  • Margaret Meisterling BSN, RN
  • Donna Hulen BSN, RN
  • Nicole Mcfarlane BSN, RN
  • Patrick Whalen, BSN, RN
  • Lisa Freeburg BSN, RN
  • Mary Ann Koprek BSN, RN
  • Matthew Berube BSN, RN
  • Paulette Simon BSN, RN
  • Carey Allen BSN, RN
  • Meredith Durrschmidt BSN, RN
  • Aaron Roscoe BSN, RH
  • Carey Allen, MSN RN
  • Deirdre Theriault BSN, RN
  • Angi Baxter BSN, RN
  • Christopher Yarney BSN, RN
  • Christal Battiste BSN, RN
  • Michelle Tapper BSN, RN
  • Leilani Sartelle BSN, RN
  • Erin Gentile BSN, RN
  • Lionel Reynolds BSN, RN
  • Renee Cyr BSN, 
  • Victoria Osiecki BSB, RN